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I am a cognitive behavioral therapist who uses evidence based treatment processes to help clients begin to change their thoughts and behaviors to improve mood, and anxiety disorders as well as other psychological problems.

I have extensive knowledge and skills in teaching conflict management skills for military and their families, and treating clients with marital issues, depression, grief, anxiety, and reintegration issues from multiple deployments.

The therapy sessions I conduct are goal-oriented, and they function to solve either a short-term, or long-term problem. In the session, I am teaching and modeling skills that will benefit the client. I also offer different exercises, and assign homework that helps to improve problematic thinking patterns. I teach relaxation training techniques to reduce problematic avoidance, and provide solid training to remedy skills deficits, such as social skills deficits

I help clients view obstacles in their life as opportunities., and I believe that the patient is the one who ultimately makes the decision to change or not to change.

I also offer telehealth services for clients who have HMSA and Military One Source Insurance.

Named Clinician of the year in Hawaii 2012

National Interview with Dr. Martin on 11/16/16 from New York

National Interview with Dr. Martin


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