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I have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique of meditation for almost 15 years. This incredible technique has been an awesome method to achieve for me an optimal mind-body connection. It has affected my own personal health in profound ways over the years. It has helped me to maintain a healthy weight, reduce my blood pressure, and has improved my focus and short term memory significantly.

My teacher who taught me the technique, and who initiated me into the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Before he became a teacher he was a barrister (lawyer) in London, and was burning out in his career from job stress. He felt he could no longer focus in his life, and his life, and his family life was out of balance.

The story he shared with me about how he became a meditator was an interesting story of his own personal journey. He was sitting outside the court in London, and had realized that he no longer enjoyed what he did professionally. He saw a poster on a wall as he walked outside going home that invited anyone interested in changing their lives to a free lecture that was given at the University of London by a man named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He said he knew about the Maharishi from stories he remembered reading about when the Beatles went to his ashram in India, and they were personally taught the technique by the Yogi himself in the late 60s. He thought that the Beatles were successful musicians, who were creative geniuses, and they appeared to be focused when creating, and also when they performed their music. He thought that if this technique helped them be successful, and focused then maybe he should try it, and see if it could help him.

Maharishi stated that:

“this technology has the potential to raise the life of every individual and society to its full dignity, where problems and suffering are absent, and perfect health, happiness, success, and rapid pace of progress are the natural features of life".

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